Tea Cubes!

These are really easy to make.
Not to mention: deliciousss!

Just take your favorite iced fruit tea and pour
it into each ice cube compartment, leaving some
room for pieces of fruit. For this batch, I used
blueberry tea with blueberries!
In this one, I used raspberry tea
with blueberries and raspberries.

Enjoy! ;)


  1. I was gonna say something snarky and witty at first like "In the kitchen, like a proper woman."
    Gaahhhh!!! That looks sooo yummy! The blueberry cubes look like lady bugs, so inside a glass filled with a beverage of some sort makes it look like lady bug juice. But in a cute way, not like the literal way. Because who wants to drink juice made out of real lady bugs? Not me! :D


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